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Speha Fresia carries out interventions and actions of professional training, carrier guidance and lifelong learning programs for people, social organizations and businesses.

Our aim is to provide the most suitable solutions to everyone’s needs, pursuing an individualized approach, respectful of differences and which combines the most suitable methodologies, methods and training tools: from face-to-face training to digital learning (virtual classroom, e-Learning and blended …); from individualized training to the creation of skills enhancement paths.

Thanks to accreditation and authorizations in the Lazio and Sicily regions, our courses issue certificates and qualifications recognized by regional and national regulations.

The areas of intervention

Continuous training: we design and deliver human resource development interventions to support the change programs of organizations, through a non-standardized approach. We assist companies and non-profit organizations that want to access national, regional ESF funding and the main Interprofessional Funds, guiding them in the various measures and lines of intervention and supporting them from the planning phase to those of disbursement and impact assessment. Our approach makes it possible to enhance the opportunities for continuing education with the possibility of recognizing the training courses by regional regulations on second level certificates and qualifications.

Vocational training: compliant with the regional repertoires of qualifications and attestations of skills in specific economic sectors, such as: entertainment and cultural enterprise, social economy, environmental resources, new energy sources, agriculture and the economy rural, information technology and new forms of communication, cooperative enterprise and business management.

Individualized training and orientation paths: to face the many stages of transition and change at any time in life. Speha Fresia considers it important to adapt the training environments, the paths and the didactic approaches to the needs, potentials and expectations of the individual learning individuals, to do this it pays great attention to the flexibility of interventions in order to respond to individual and personal needs.

Speha Fresia in 2020 received accreditation from the Lazio Region as a Qualified Agency for the identification and validation and certification of the skills acquired by people in both formal and informal and non-formal contexts, such as European and national legislation and the D.G.R. 122/2016 of the Lazio Region provide. It offers these services to individual citizens, professionals and organizations for their employees. Thanks to the transparency, validation and certification, it is possible to facilitate people’s access to training courses by recognizing both attendance and admission training credits; encourage the construction of professional development paths in the field of employment policies; allow the transferability and usability of the skills possessed.