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We design and manage development and support interventions for changes in businesses, communities and public organizations:

  • Organizational consultancy, human resources development and analysis of the competitive needs of public and private organizations
  • Accompanying programs for the introduction of corporate welfare services and conciliation policies
  • Development of the social economy and social innovation: conducting with participatory methodologies of analysis of social needs, accompanying the creation of welfare plans and integrated interventions promoted by coalitions of citizens, third sector entities and representative organizations for the management of goods and services by local communities
  • Support for the introduction of 4.0 innovation programs in management and organizational processes, also using the training lever, programmed in order to benefit from the “4.0 training” tax credit
  • Governance and participatory citizenship: consultancy, management, implementation of integrated services for citizens, assistance in territorial and social planning
  • Accompanying the start-up and development of business networks.
  • Business creation and development: professional needs analysis, entrepreneurial training and business feasibility plans, with particular attention to worker by out plans and for the generation of new cooperative and community cooperative businesses
  • Environmental sustainability:assistance in the design and implementation of integrated corporate and territorial interventions
  • Design assistance based on community, national and regional guidelines
  • Introduction of corporate social responsibility models : stakeholders analysis, accompaniment to the drafting of the Social Report and risk management models.