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Employment services

Speha Fresia provides services in support of labor policies implemented by national and regional institutions.

It is a set of services, aimed at people and organizations, aimed at promoting the placement or reintegration into employment of unemployed, unemployed or workers whose jobs are at risk due to economic-productive transformations.

In this context, Speha Fresia is part of a network of public and private services active in the territories of the three regions where it operates: Lazio, Sicily and Basilicata, promotes a series of partnerships with private companies, social enterprises, trade associations, non-profit organizations and public bodies referring to their own integrated offer model that guarantees the effectiveness of the accompanying interventions and a real impact in terms of employment and development of individual and local opportunities.

We design customized plans using the levers provided by the national and regional systems for the promotion of employment and for which Speha Fresia is authorized:

  • Basic services, taking charge of users from reception, up to the meeting demand/offer of work.
  • Pre-selection of personnel
  • Information and self-orientation service
  • Second level guidance advice
  • Service of matching supply and demand
  • Specialized services aimed at specific activities or target users
  • Work placement with disabilities
  • Info-orientation service on the right / duty to education and training
  • Services at work for immigrants
  • Support for business creation
  • Extracurricular internship