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Integrated interventions

We work in support of local development policies and public interventions for the promotion of territories, the welfare community, socio-work integration plans, projects in support of individual and collective rights, conciliation and anti-discrimination policies. Integrated interventions have always been the terrain of comparison for experimenting innovative intervention models by Speha Fresia, because they allow us to act with all our professionalism and our services, identifying and personalizing the ideal mix according to a unitary implementation approach.

Our intervention logic envisages an approach according to “planning by objectives” which allows us to raise the quality of projects and development interventions, improving:

  • the relevance, that is, the adherence of the projects to the real and daily problems of the final beneficiaries;
  • internal coherence, that is the real ability of projects to achieve a certain result by putting in place adequate resources;
  • sustainability, or the ability of projects to give life to virtuous mechanisms that produce “self-generated” development
  • the participation of stakeholders in the definition of the Plan through participatory planning methods such as GOPP (Goal Oriented Project Planning), Scenarios Workshops and other identification workshop methods.