lntroducing the CRE8IVE project

Youth work and the wider adult education sector is often regarded as the poor relation when it comes to investment in continous professional development resources for staff working in the sector. The provision of support to disadvantaged youth is broad abd expansive, covering every possible conceivable formal, informal and non-formal learning environment and opportunity. Training youth workers and adult education staff to keep up to date with the latest competence requirements is a real challenge and often more specialized areas for training are ignored.
The CRE8IVE project recognizes the key role to be played by youth wortkers and adult education professionals, and wants to ensure that they can benefit from the provision of essential continuous professional development training. For many disadvantaged youth, formal educatlon approaches have falled to deliver the learning outcomes required in today’s economy and the creative arts can be a more effettive teaching method to acquire basic and transversal skills.

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