Cooperative Speha Fresia is a training centre engaged in the fields of active policies for the labour market, local development and research since 1983.

The cooperative members believe in a sustainable, fair and participatory economy, that is focused upon the person and his/her basic needs and not on individual profit opposed to the community well-being.

The cooperative designs and realizes integrated interventions of research, training and consultancy services in line with the principle of mutuality. In its projects, transmitting opportunity to actively participate in social and economic life, promotes and practices networking among operators, users, and key players of local development.

The cooperative through all its activities is in charge to fight against all possible forms of discrimination based on gender, ethnic origins, sexual orientation, religions in order to valorise the potential of diversities and to empower individuals through a transcultural perspective.

Speha Fresia is orientated to innovation and experimentation as process of continuous search of the quality management and the corporate social responsibility.